VW 1500 Member: Adam Barrett's 1963 Swedish Notch

Model: Type 311 (LHD Sedan/Notchback)
Year: 1963
Color: L 87 (Pearl White)
VIN: 0 136 387
Date of Production: Dec-62
Country of Origin: Sweden
Vehicle Location: Hollywood, Florida
Accessories: Swedish Reflectors, Rear Backup Light, Eberspacher Heater, Swedish Rear Gravel Guards, and Swedish Mud-Flaps.

   Approx. 3-4 years ago Adam was looking for a stock early notch.  

Surfing the sites, and passing on few other notches still nothing to his liking.  He contacted a regular on the samba and spoke with him at length about his search.  You all know him well. At the time he had a nice anthracite notch.  Jason said that he know of this guy in Europe specifically Sweden martin.

 With his email Adam contacted him.  Martin is a great guy.  He connected Adam to another guy.  Oddly enough his name was Martin as well.  Martin had a beauty, 1963 white notch. Still like most a bit concerned about sending money to another country and no insurance on it other than the connection that he just established. Also a concern about how shipping and importing a car worked and how much was involve in cost etc. 

  Martin who wanted to sell his 63 white Notch to finish a split project. After pictures and emails where exchanged and some consulting with (Notchboy) some time the deal was made. The deal was:  1963 white notch with all original interior motor tranny etc.  The non original parts were the two front fenders. These were as martin put it replaced due to previous owner (elderly lady) tapped one of the fenders pulling it into the garage.  The damage was minor.  But the little old lady wanted them to be replaced with original fenders.  So unable to find NOS early fender, the next best thing was the later style with the wrap around turn signal and chrome molding trim holes already in them.  Being the purest she was apparently was, she decided to have both replaced with the NOS later ones to have both the same. 

The 1963 is fitted with heater, pop outs, red-needle gauges, OG cloth seats, zero rust found so far, tool roll, mud flaps, large rear Swedish only reflectors, 90000 O.G. motor never rebuilt and maintained by a VW mechanic and tons of history (documents). Upon arrival at the port even the factory clock was still ticking away.  Adam says the car is the one he has been looking for and is very happy with it.  It runs like a top and drives even better.

  To date he has not really done anything to the car other than going through the front brakes because one of the wheel cylinders was leaking and driving it. He would again like to thank martin and martin in Sweden for a nice find for me.  Also to Jason for putting him in contact with the right people as well as the knowledge he has.

 Future plans are to correct the front fender issue.

Hope you all enjoy.