VW 1500 Member: Everett Barnes's 1963 'Unrestored' Variant

VIN #: 0 178 221
ENGINE #: 0 191 214
BORN: April 10, 1963

COLOR: Black (Schwarz L41)
BACKGROUND: In Everett's own words: (As told to me first hand by the original owner and the seller) Purchased new in 1963 with cash at Baiile-Pearson Ltd. Volkswagen in Oakville, Ontario, Canada by Mr. and Mrs. Torop, soon after they were married. They purchased it because their family was going to be visiting from Germany and they decided it was time to purchase a car. The Torop's lived near public transportation in Toronto so they used the car only for traveling to the country and for shopping - "The little car worked very well for shopping, it looked small but held so much". The Torop's owned an outboard motor, which they hauled in the back of the Squareback on their country vacations, where they would rent a boat and attach the outboard motor. The Squareback was kept garaged, maintained first by the local Volkswagen dealerships, then by a local factory-trained VW mechanic, and not driven in the winter. On June 24, 1999, it was traded to Toronto resident Paul I. for some work to be done on their house. Paul I. owned it until November, 2000 when he put it up for sale in the local paper. In July, 2001, I was researching 62-63 Squarebacks on the Internet and came across Paul's November, 2000 advertisement in the "Toronto Star" newspaper. He had not sold the vehicle yet and after a few months of negotiation, I purchased the vehicle. .
RESTORATION: Everett has been collecting NOS and good OEM parts for the last 2 years to help restore any imperfections on this Squareback