VW 1500 Members: Charlie Harlock's 1962 Notchback

VIN#: 0 011 xxx (January 3, 1962)

COLOR: Pearl White L87

BACKGROUND: Originally sold by a dealership in Oslo, Norway. Possibly the oldest notch in the UK and even one of the ten oldest known in the world. It spent the majority of its life in various peoples hands in the East of Norway and even passed through the hands of a VW Specialist shop before making its way over to Stavanger on the West coast. It was here that one of Charles' friends, Matt Wild, who was working in the oil industry in Stavanger, drove past the Notch every day on his way to work in the late 90's. Eventually Matt spotted the notch up for sale in the classified ads and snapped it up - the Norwegian registration plate was very apt being V 1500 !! After carrying out routine maintenance with the electrical / braking system the notch was virtually as good as new and Matt brought the notch back to the UK on his return. Eventually Matt had to move out to Texas for business reasons and this is how the car made it into Charles' hands.

Since owning the notch, Charles has spent most if his time sorting out little niggles such as tracking down a set of perfect grey rear armrests (the only area of the original interior that needed attention) and finding various other rare early items such as the NOS cats eye wing mirror correct for a car of this vintage.

The majority of all other work has been focused on simply beautifying the notch and making it progressively better.

The list of NOS parts used reads like an original VW Parts manual with roughly a couple of hundred NOS pieces installed so far ranging from fender bolts to original Accessory seat recliners.

Charles was also lucky enough to track down a NOS in the box red needle VDO Type 3 tacho which now has pride of place in the notch.

With the vehicle originally having been used in the somewhat colder climate of Norway, this notch is fitted with an original B2 Eberspacher petrol powered heater - Charles has since fully stripped and rebuilt the heater and can now enjoy heat on demand!

Charles is a regular show goer and to date has won

Best of Show at VW Festival - Leeds 2006
Top 20 Award - Volksworld Show 2007
Top 10 Award - The Freddy Files - Belgium, 2007

Future plans involve a trip to European Bug-In in June 2007 and a holiday in the Notch to Portugal in July 2007!!!!