VW 1500 Members: Karl Williams 1964 1500S "TS" Notchback

Year: 1964 (2-Apr-64)
Vin #: 0 395 138
Color: L87 Pearl White
Model: Type 311 (LHD 1500S "TS" Sedan)
Location: Sheboygan, Wisconsin

BACKGROUND: (from Gary "Previous Owner") "This Notch needed to be buffed and rubbed-out to get the finish as you see it. It was part of a collection of 74+ rare VW's. Tires where original but dry rotted. NOS interior was found and replaced. ( it is beautiful.) All the chrome was pitted from just sitting all those years. I collected and replaced EVERYTHING with NOS chrome. Original 45hp 1500 motor w/12k miles. A true survivor! You can restore cars nicer than new but....they are only new ONCE! I also received a "Birth Certificate" from Wolfsburg stating the options and color to be original."

Update: (from Gary "Previous Owner") I cleaned up the original spare and had to put "fix a flat" in to hold air and it does. Never going to use it but its really nice to have an original spare. As you can see near the spare the original extra material used to make the seats going down the assembly line matches the interior seats too. Its just the little things that make a car so rare.