VW 1500 Club Member: Bob "Gizmo" Walton

Make Volkswagen
Model 1500
Type Type 311 Limousine (Notchback)
Date of Build 29 August 1962
Date Left Factory 4 September 1962
Color Gulf Blue (Golf Blau L390)
Interior Black & White/Houndstooth
Electrical System Stock 6-Volt
M-Codes M-260 M-278
M-260 Rear seat backrest without arm rest
M-278 Side-mounted flashing indicators instead of parking lamps
Country of Origin Bologna, Italy
Original Dealership Auto-Germa S.R.L. ~ Via Emilia Ponente 18 ~ Tel. 384.566
Vehicle Identification Number 0 079 825
Engine Number 0 081 681
Engine Displacement 1492cc (1500) 45bhp
Odometer Reading at Purchase 137,000 KM (85K Miles)
Date of Current Purchase December 1, 2006
Vehicle's Current Registered Owner Robert Walton (2nd Owner *)
Vehicle's Current Registered State California, USA
Vehicle's Current License Number VYV 903 (Vintage Unrestored '56 Base Plates)
Wheels/Rims L393 Royal Blue & L392 Misty Grey

Vehicle's Background:
I purchased this unrestored Notchback from Mark Merz, a longtime collector of VW and Porsches, on December 1, 2006. The car was imported by Mark during the previous summer from Italy. The only known history of the car is that the original owner had been in an accident which caused significant damage to the front right-side of the car. The owner had it fixed but the shop replaced the damaged front apron with a '64 and later model squirter bottle. The owner then parked the car in a barn for the next 23+ years where it sat until Mark found it. So indeed, this is an actual "barn find". The owner decided to sell the car so they replaced the Battery, Oil, and Tune-up items and she was registered in the Country of Italy for the first time in over 23 years. When I bought the car there was only 85K original miles, or 137K Kilometers on the odometer. The car is 98% complete with only a few items missing, i.e.; wrong squirter bottle, rocker trim, fuel pump, hood emblem, and front apron. The car's exterior was hastily repainted and the body work has a lot to be desired. The interior is immaculate with exception to a small wear pattern on the driver's seat and the 3-piece carpet in the front. There are some electrical problems, namely the Push-Buttons and Ignition switch, but all that will be addressed now that I picked up NOS items of both. The Engine and Trans run very reliably although I have a small oil leak... but what VW doesn't.

Although Mark Merz titled the car in California, I consider myself as the second owner since he only titled it so that he could sell the car. Since I've owned the car, I've amassed quite the collection of accessories and NOS parts; the list can be seen HERE. Upon viewing the pictures from Italy and the more recent photos, one can see the amount of time, money, and hard work I've put into fixing her up for the 'Show'. Come November though, she is going to be stripped down and given a proper restoration so she looks like brand new again.

Gizmo's Background: It was in 1981, High School, when I first laid eyes upon a Type-3 Notchback; I was only 14 and an upper classman had a lowered 'Cal-Look' Notch with chrome rims that he came to school in. One of my classmates, Dave, told me what it was and two years later he was sportin' a lowered dark blue 69 Squareback. So after owning a POS Chevy Vega, and a beater '64 VW Ghia that I traded to a friend for a clean '65 Bug, I was in the market for a Notch. It was the summer of 1983, I was working as an Apprentice Carpenter, during Lunch, I was reading through the classifieds in the Recycler, when I stumble upon a 1962 VW Notchback for sale. Since I am was only 18 years old, I didn't have much money nor do I have any credit. The Journeyman Carpenter I worked with, James Miller, offered to loan me the $1500 asking price, as long as I pay the credit card bill that he was going to withdraw the money from. By that weekend, my mother and I drove to Laurel Canyon and purchased the Notch from the wife of an actor who played the roll of Al Pacino's killer at the end of Scarface. The wife had acquired the car from her parents while she lived in Canada and drove it to California where I subsequently ended up with it. During the next few years, I also acquired a '63 Squareback, which I drove as my daily driver while I stripped down the Notch and prepared it for paint. Due to my age and lack of sufficient funds, all the while supporting myself I decided to sell both my Type-3s and by 1989 I was out of the VW scene completely. Fast Forward to late November, 2006, and I attend a funeral of a cousin, who was my age (41), whose untimely death was brought on by a drug overdose. I see the husband of the deceased sister at the funeral who happened to be the guy I traded my Ghia to for the Bug, that subsequently gave away to an ex... (stoooopid)! He asked me if I was still into VWs and I said no.. not in nearly 20 years. So I came home and thought about how my life is missing something that I regretted for 17 years and spoke with a friend who used to work at a VW Parts Supply. He told me that there exists a website like no other for VWs, called TheSamba.com. Of course I forget the name and so the Saturday after Thanksgiving I decide to see what the Internet has to offer. I am now a Licensed Contractor, making a decent living, who could afford a mid-life crisis right about now. So I found this baby on the first page, asked the wife if I could buy it, and contacted Mark and told him I would be driving up the following Friday (Dec 1) to pick it up. I had to drive her 60 miles to the city that had the Auto Transport so I could tow it home. So after 36 hours, 900 miles, and just under $8K... I'm the proud owner of a beautiful Gulf Blue, all Original, 1962 Notchback... again!

Restoration: My plans are to repaint the exterior of the car and rebuild the original engine to factory specs. I want to also have an upholstery shop patch the front seat with some original material I found in Sweden from a friend named Hakan, who also happens to own a '62 Gulf-Blue Notch. I also purchased a NOS Ignition Switch and Push-Button assembly which will be fitted. I've also acquired many Accessories and Rare Parts, for a list, click HERE. Jason Weigel, the founding father of the 1500 Club, has agreed to help me in the restoration process. For pictures of the car in Italy, click HERE.