VW 1500 Member: Christopher Matthews 1964 'Sunroof' Notch

Model: Type 313 (LHD Sunroof Sedan/Notchback)
Year: 1964
Color: L 87 (Pearl White)
VIN: 0 474 495
Engine#: "Unknown"
M-Codes: No Extra or Options
Date of Production: June 30, 1964
Country of Origin: Mannheim, Germany
Vehicle Location:
Renton, Washington
Accessories: Pedro Decklid Rack, Parcel Tray

The car was purchased in Germany and brought to the US in September of 1964 by the original owner and driven for 8 years and sold to Larry in 1972. He bought it for his wife Anne who drove it until her passing 1980. It was garaged mostly after that and taken to a few shows until Larry decided to sell her, and he rebuilt the brakes and the bottom end of the engine and listed it on The Samba, where I found it in March 2006. By the end of March I bought it and drove it from it's home in San Jose, CA to my home in Oxnard, CA. I rebuilt the top end and cleaned up the gas tank and had someone weld the loose clutch cable tube and it has been a great car ever since. I drove it to my new home in Renton, WA, in Feb 2007 and it got 35 mpg and ran like a top the whole way.

At some point in it's life it was resprayed the original color and received a new interior with the later style vinyl and it is still in very good shape. I have no restoration plans for it, just some new accessories. It's a fun driver, too nice to restore, but not so nice to be afraid to drive it and park it anywhere.

It currently has a chromed Pedro trunk rack with Indonesian Rosewood slats and Pedro is working on a matching chromed roof rack.

- Christopher (Godsbug)