Jacin Ferreira 1963 T34

VIN #0 166 781
COLOR: Ruby Red (L456) with a Black (L41) roof
BACKGROUND: Built at the Wilhelm Karmann GmbH factory in Osnabruck, Germany on 17 April 1963 and delivered to Italy on 31 July 1963. Interior is silver cloth seat inserts and Silver-Beige vinyl trim. Its engine (#0 179 495) was a 1493cc motor with 7.2:1 compression fed by a Solex 32PHN side-draft carburetor. It had a 6 Volt electrical system, four-wheel drum brakes, & 4-speed manual gearbox. It has flashing side markers & clear front turn signal lenses (Italian export market requirements). The American original owner bought it in Italy while stationed there and it was exported to the USA in 1967 (black & gold license plates dated to that period). The T34 lived in central California for 35 years with one family and was repainted in 1982 and engine replaced sometime in the 1980's. It's had four owners in just six years within California. It has never been involved in an accident and it currently has 186,000 miles.

RESTORATION: Details to come