VW 1500 Members: Marty Lenk 1964 Notchback 1500S

VIN#: 0 446 729

COLOR: Pearl White (L87)

BACKGROUND: (as told by Marty) "Prior to a Germany vacation in 1964, my grandparents arranged to purchase this 1500S sedan. They picked the car up at the Frankfurt Airport on June 10, 1964. The purchase price was $1,649 plus $79 for "US Specifications". They visited with their families and friends in Zschorlau. At the end of their vacation, they had it shipped to their home in Los Angeles, arriving September 25. Grandfather kept it for 20-years and during that time, drove it about 75,000miles. It then passed over to my uncle who also lived in that area. He put about 3,500 additional miles on the car during the 22-years he had possession. It came to me July 2006. It's very close to being a one owner car. You can see in the photos that I have the original first aide kit, roadside emergency reflectors, tool kit and German license plate. I also have the user guide, maintenance book, purchase and shipping agreement and original 1964 yellow on black California license plates".

RESTORATION: The seat covers are new, the tires are the 3rd set, and it has electronic ignition; otherwise, it is all original.