VW 1500 Member: Mauricio Bendana

VIN#: 0 456 846

COLOR: L575 Nutria

BACKGROUND (as told by previous owner, Corey Bloom)
I bought this car from a family that had only owned it for about one year. They took it on a trade for a debt. The gentleman who had it before them also only owned it for a short time, about 4 months. During which time it was broken into and someone tried to steal it. Previous to that the story goes that it is a one owner car. The car came from a small town on the coast of California by the name of Elk / Greenwood. I found the car on The Samba and spent about 3 months talking to the owner before a deal was actually made. The car has just over 43,000 miles on it. It has been repainted one time. It appears that the motor has never been out of the car. The interior had brown vinyl seat covers over the original seats when I bought it. Removing these covers was the first thing I did when I got it home. To my surprise the original seat covers were not just in tack they were not even dirty. I have added a few accessories to the car and put new tires on her. Other than that I have not had time for much else. I am looking forward to cleaning her up and getting her on the road. I am also trying to find out who the original owner is so I can find out the true full history of the car.

New Owner : I've been into Volkswagen's since I was a kid. My first Volkswagen was a 1974 Super-Beetle, which I immediately modified to look like a 1973 Sports Bug. Soon after, I purchased a 1964 beetle which I still own, and have kept stock. I have had many Volkswagens including 64 and 74 beetles, 72, (2) 73 and (2) 74 super beetles, 68 and 64 squarebacks, a 2001 Golf, and a 2004 Passat. I purchased the 1964 Nutria Squareback from Corey Bloom because I'm a fan of the 64 one year only features such as the cord interior, plus the car was too good to pass up. The car is originally a Canadian market vehicle. The cord interior is a cloth cord, which was only available for the Canadian market, so it's a very rare vehicle. My plans are to keep the vehicle stock with some minor upgrades. The motor is being dropped to have the heads rebuilt for unleaded gas, the main seal replaced, and to have the tins powder-coated. I've already purchased several NOS items for the car including, muffler, carb rebuild kits, brake rebuild kits, as well as several trim pieces. I do plan on upgrading the electrical to 12 Volts for reliability reasons. I will be using a 356 12V generator to retain the stock appearance of the motor. In addition, the car will get a new coat of Nutria brown over the summer, as it has several places which require attention. Future plans also include Flat 4 bumper over-riders, Pedro roof-rack and fog-light bar, as well as coco-mats. I would also like to find a new dash-pad as the current one is cracked. I'm very happy with the car so far, and hope to have it for many years. I've been a long term follower and participant of the samba in the type 1 crowd, and I'm happy to joining the Type-3 crowd. I currently own a 1964 Beetle, a 1974 Super-Beetle, and the 1964 Squareback.