VW 1500 Members: Per Ericson's 1962 Notchback

VIN#: 32036

COLOR: Gulf Blue

BACKGROUND: From Per, "The car was registered to it's first owner Svenska Invarit AB (company car) may 14 1962. They drove the car until sometime 1964 when it was involved in an accident. The front end was damaged. For unknown reasons the repair was never finished and the car was left in a corner of the workshop. In 1987 the owner died and his sons took over the business. They had no interest in old cars so they put it outside. Shortly after a friend of mine saw the car and bought it. My friends oval window needed some bodywork so he made a deal with a body-shop and traded the notch for the work on the oval. The owner of the body-shop finished the repair and made the car roadworthy but soon found out he wanted a car he could put a big engine in so he offered it to me and i bought it in 1989.
I'm aware of several items not being 100% correct on my car like the front bumper, the side moldings and the fuel pump cover. They are part of my cars history so I can't decide weather to replace them or not."