VW 1500 Members: Wayne Coley RHD 1964 Notchback 1500S

*** UPDATE ***

New Owner: Wayne Coley

VIN: Coming Soon

COLOR: Nutria

BACKGROUND: It’s a RHD 64 1500s Notch in Nutria (L575) that Mike bought in 1995 with 65,000 miles on the clock. He said "I chose it because of its originality, and today still run’s 6v electrics and has the same engine it came from the factory with". It was given a full body-off restoration over a 4 year period using only NOS parts where possible. All the bodywork was carried out by Bughaus Restorations of Nottingham England, with most of the mechanical work, detailing and final build handled by myself. The Interior is the original which was cleaned up and refitted to repainted frames, the main headlining and wiring loom being the only parts to stay in the car throughout the restoration process. The car was good enough to take best in class on its debut at Stanford Hall in 1999 and has gone on to take many more trophies including “Best Type 3 at the Volksworld show in 2000, “Most beautiful Typ 3” at the VW Typ 3 Liebhaber e.V treffen in Arcen (Holland) 2002, and “Runner up Best in Show” at Stanford Hall 2005, and has also been featured twice in UK VW mags. The car is now in semi retirement from the show scene, with the milometer currently reading 72,000. We don’t get the time to go to many these days and those we do go to, we prefer to tow our 1964 Eriba Pan caravan there and stay in the camping field – always with our Notchback of course!".

: Not much left to do but enjoy the car.